Francis Bacon

Part of my final assignment was to copy a famous artists work. I chose Francis Bacon as my artist. If I could use one word to describe Bacon and his work, it would be creepy. I didn’t do too much background investigation on him but I did find out that he was an Atheist and gay. My creativity truly suffered from this class. Basically everything that was done in class was a copy, coupled with the fact that I had two other very demanding courses. So the piece of Bacon’s that I chose to copy was one that would be easily replicable, and one that was still representative of Bacon’s work. I chose the painting titled “Blood on Pavement” which is one of his later works where he was exploring the use of oil paints.

the impostor

the impostor



Francis Bacon - Blood on Pavement

Francis Bacon - Blood on Pavement


And here were the other two drawings that I did for my final portfolio:



the end.

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