self portrait

This spring term at school I decided to take a drawing class to give me a break from the more scholastic classes I’ve been taking. Overall, I have been enjoying the class. It allows me to detach myself from my other classes for a few hours a week while learning a new skill. What I enjoy most while drawing is trying to capture an item/image/whatever to the finest detail, and being able to create something interesting and be constantly improving. One of my recent assignments was a self portrait, we were asked to bring a small, handheld mirror to class for this, however, I forgot.  So, for this assignment I was using the back of my phone, which gave a very soft reflection. This made it fairly difficult to capture any minute details. Another aspect of the drawing was that I was doing it in sections, which led to some distortion, but helped to conceptualize things differently. Although my drawings are anything but exceptional, I take pride in the fact that I can produce them at all. I never considered myself an artist, but maybe, may be in my future. Here is the finished portrait, enjoy!

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