The Wet Shave

I wanted to try and shave for the first time with an actual razor, you know, the old fashioned way.  I have been considering this for some time now, so I finally set forth and gathered the required equipment and decided to give it, and by it I am referring to manliness, a try.  

Going from an electric razor to an actual double edge razor blade is a big step, but I figured it was a step I was ready for.  The next thing to do was to procure some shaving supplies: a nice shaving cream and a shaving brush.  I got these from a small shop here in Portland.  The cost was a bit high, but the shaving cream should last for a good while.  So it seems I am ready to go!

At the time of  “the shave” I had a nice……..uuuhhhhhh……..beard?  For those of you who know me and have seen what grows upon my face, you know why I hesitate to call it a beard.  So, I had some nice facial hair growth.  There.  Upon doing some research, I found that it was best to shave after taking a shower so that the whiskers on your face are softer.  I got out of the shower and began to lather up the shaving brush with cream, and in smooth upward strokes applied the cream to my face, working the cream into the beard.  Easy.  What next?  Shave it off.  Sounds easy.  Go with the grain?  Go against the grain?  OH NO!

There I was staring myself in the face, debating whether to shave with or against the grain of my beard.  The weird thing is, my beard grows in several different directions.  I wet the blade and decide to start on one side of my face, at the sideburn, and go with the grain and just go with the flow.  The first few strokes were effortless, the weight of the razor just effortlessly removed the hairs upon my face.  I thought to myself “this is gonna be cake!” Working my way down to the jaw line is where I encountered my next problem…the hairs changed direction.  No problem, I’ll just move down to the neck area and work up, avoiding the whirlwind area.  Long story short, I got the job done.  A nik here and there and some irritation around the neck, but overall I would call it a successful endeavor.    

The total shave took around 30-35 minutes.  I definitely enjoy the wet shave, its a lost art that I am slowly learning more about.  I urge anyone to try it to see how great it is.  The end result for me left a little bit of stubble in certain areas, but in places where I performed flawlessly, my skin was smooth like butter.

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4 Responses to The Wet Shave

  1. mantic59 says:

    Luckily “the grain” is a little less important with a single-blade razor than with a cartridge razor: you can “cheat” a little and just go straight down. And your face needs to adjust from going from electric to wet shaving so be patient. Learning traditional shaving is like learning swimming or riding a bike or dating: there’s a learning curve and there may be a few bumps along the way. I’ve posted a few videos on how to shave with traditional products on my youtube channel (at website link). Hang in there!

  2. liz says:

    You should have done before and after pics!

  3. ThatFancyLad says:

    As a hirsute fellow with a daily shaving habit I commend you on your successful shavery.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dude! You got a bonafied expert to comment on your shavery! Hi(rose) five!

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