I’m back, but it feels like I never left.  (I almost went into a rap song here) I never told anyone I was going to be updating this thing on any sort of regular basis, so please, the hate mail must stop.  

I’d like to continue now with a brief summary of a day trip that Rachael and I went on back in mid October.  We decided to take a trip to a place here in Portland called Sauvie (pronounced: saw-vee) Island.  Sauvie Island is a small land mass where the Willamette and Columbia Rivers converge.  It consists of several farms, beaches, wildlife refuges and some dog training facilities.  We went there to see some local agriculture and to pick a pumpkin from a real life pumpkin patch.  

When we crossed the bridge onto the island we were met by hordes of vehicles being directed by an officer of the law.  Turns out that lots of people like to pick pumpkins two weeks before Halloween.  We finally arrived at a small farm, where they had local produce, pumpkins and also food.  

After walking around for some time we decided to head out to the pumpkin patch to find ourselves a pumpkin.  













This was the view at the farm, we had some pickin’ to do.  We walked through the field for a while, we saw mice, pumpkins, moldy pumpkins, kicked/stomped pumpkins…….mostly just pumpkins.  After careful consideration we were able to decide on one lucky pumpkin that made it home with us.

 Here it is….

Pumpkins make Rachael ha-ha-ha-happy.

Pumpkins make Rachael ha-ha-ha-happy.

I carried the pumpkin back to the store area for us.  Mostly because I am really strong.  The pumpkin weighed 47 pounds.  After brutishly placing the pumpkin in a cart we went into the store area and bought some veggies and fruits for home.  They had mostly produce that was farmed by them, but also other produce from other local farmers and California.  Shopping around there was a bin of cabbage, but not your run of the mill grocery store bought cabbage.  This stuff was enormous.  What?  Don’t believe me?  Well I have photographic proof……

This cabbage makes regular cabbage look like brussels sprouts.

This cabbage makes regular cabbage look like brussels sprouts.

This place was really cool, I enjoyed seeing where the vegetables in all the grocery stores come from.  Prices were cheap here because there was no package/delivery fee to factor in to the cost.  Uhhh, well thats it for now.

15: Times the word Pumpkin appeared in this post.

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3 Responses to tah-dah

  1. Aaron says:

    Man, your blog is disappointing….and depressing.

  2. Aaron says:

    The only depressing thing, is that I’m not able to be doing all those cool things…or able to take joy in those things.

  3. Mark says:

    I hate cabbage too.

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