Hey Stranger!

Well, I’ve been away for some time.  Mostly due to me being crazy busy with, you know, stuff.  So much has happened in the past few weeks its ridiculous!

I flew to Reno for Rachael’s Mom’s wedding over the weekend of the 4th.  It was cool to see some familiar faces and friends and family.  Hi Mom.  I ate here.  The wedding was nice.  It was a Catholic wedding.  Kinda weird to see how different faiths and cultures perform a wedding ceremony.  So far in my life I have been to Mormon, Catholic, Buddhist/Japanese ceremonies and I’m sure there were others.  The longest was the Mormon and the most interesting was the Japanese.  Sooo, here’s a little anecdote about the wedding I recently attended…

There we were, Aaron and I, helping set up this amazing home for the wedding reception when Aaron noticed a television on the wall.  After admiring it for some time he wanted to locate the DVD/CD apparatus because it wasn’t visible.  We set out across the house looking for the “master” system, or whatever you call it.  We couldn’t find it.  Aaron did the next best thing, he found the remote!  Switched it to DVD and first he pressed eject thinking that something mechanical would happen.  It didn’t.  What’s the next best thing? Hit play.  Aaron hit play and what happened next was AWESOME!!!!!  PORN!!!!!!!! sorry.  An adult themed video came on the screen, Aaron started mashing buttons on the remote to turn it off as quickly as possible.  The look on his face is unforgettable.  I digress.  After the wedding, it was time to party! Ate In-n-out burger, went to Aaron and Stef’s had drinks to pre-party, then we hit the town.  We went to some of the old stomping grounds once frequented by yours truly.  This is how I ended up that night…..face down in my girlfriends moms garage.  Thats all for now, you’re almost caught up to speed.

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3 Responses to Hey Stranger!

  1. pryador says:

    OMG!!!! and you say I’m socially awkward

  2. liz says:

    I thought you had to be Mormon to attend a Mormon wedding? Or at least enter the temple or whatever…

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