Palin baby name…

Thought this was kinda funny.  Its the Sarah Palin baby name generator, apologies if you’ve already seen this.  My name, if birthed by Palin would be Stake Shed Palin.  How in the hell does she really come up with names like that?  Trig?  C’mon!  I really hope them good ol boys don’t end up in office because there’s a good chance papa McCain’s gonna kick the bucket and we’ll have a pig with lipstick, or whatever her little hockey mom joke was, as our President.  

I just was thinking back to 4th grade with Ms. Hillsland and her elitist cursive club.  I don’t know about you but at my elementary school in 4th grade we were taught cursive.  You had the little workbooks and you practiced writing each letter and then words and then Ms. Hillsland would come around and critique your progress and if it was satisfactory enough you got in the club.  Well, weeks go by and everyone is getting their names hung up in the classroom (which they wrote in cursive) showing their admittance into the club.  I still was not in the club.  I began taking notice of other peoples writing styles to improve my own, so I could join my colleagues in the club….I tried the foward lean, the backwards tilt, writing really small, writing with the book cocked at an angle, writing with a feather quill pen dipped in ink, everything.  Needless to say, nothing worked and I never made it into the cursive club.  So to the 4th grade cursive club, congratulations.  I bet your cursive club card has gotten you real far in life.  I bet you don’t even write in cursive anymore, because the only person I know that still writes in cursive is my Mom.

Now i write in all caps!

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5 Responses to Palin baby name…

  1. interestingguy says:

    Timber Challenger Palin.

  2. John Richard "YOUR MOM" says:

    I agree but you’re wrong about EVERYTHING!!!! I may be socially awkward but you’re an asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. John Richard "YOUR MOM" says:

    I should stop but I can’t… I love you

  4. John Richard "YOUR MOM" says:

    I’m drunk and can’t stop!!!!!!! HELP ME…. I’m stupid

  5. John Richard "YOUR MOM" says:

    “I can’t read I’m not a loser” Master Shake

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