The Ace of Spades

Today is the first day of Fall, which as we all know means one thing… the girls put their clothes back on.  This leads us males to use our “imaginations” to visualize what may be underneath their garments.  Recently I was introduced to a term that I was unfamiliar with, Sweater Cows, which I had to pretend to understand.  Later during some alone time, I was able to reflect and ponder as to what exactly a Sweater Cow could be.  Coming up with several ideas, I narrowed it down to a select few.  First, a Sweater Cow could be a woman dressed in a baggy sweater making her appear slightly larger than her actual size.  Secondly, I have deduced that a sweater cow could very well be a cheeky reference to the breasts. HAHA. BOOBS. 

   Yesterday I went to the movies with Pat, out of sheer boredom we decided to watch the movie Death Race.  What a great idea.  The movie sucked.  Bad.  But it was one of those movies that sucks so bad it turns out to be very entertaining.  There were a ton of explosions, deaths, curse words?? to keep my attention.  However there were several points throughout the film that left me puzzled. They also showed a teaser trailer for the new Fast and Furious movie, with the original cast.  Looks like this time they’re stealing gas right off of tanker trucks.  Mad Street Cred!!!!!!!  My recommendation, go see it on a sunday afternoon during the matinee.

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1 Response to The Ace of Spades

  1. Aaron says:

    sweater cows – Big boobs or big clothed boobs; breasts. usually referring to a female wearing a sweater.

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